Women - Signature Select

What is the Sensual Massage Experience?

The Signature Select is the classic sensual experience. With a deep focus on relaxation and release, this massage combines deep tissue and sensual strokes to work through the surface to relax both body & mind, while building intimacy and arousal for either an exploration of self through the extended Yoni massage and/or a shared experience.

What is the level of exploration you can expect from the Sensual Massage?

Every person has their own unique context,  desires and boundaries. As such each experience is unique to you. It will take into account your comfort with nudity, the desire to experiment with giving and/or receiving pleasure. Unlike the Tantric Massage which has a deep focus on solo exploration, the sensual massage has a freer nature. My promise is to meet you where you are at, and tailor the session accordingly.

How does talk therapy tie in?

Talk therapy has become an integral part of the self-healing process. At the onset of any treatment process we begin with talk therapy, to better understand your context, and set an intention for your session. Follow up talk therapy sessions are also available and highly recommended.   

What is Self-Healing?

Self-Healing is the path towards unconditional love. It is the idea that ultimately we as individuals have the power to change our own lives. Through the various treatments on offer, from talk therapy, Healing Touch, Sensual and Tantric Massage you will begin to learn to harness your internal power to heal. My role is to guide and support you on your journey