Tantra Select - Lingam Massage

Tantric Massage for Men

Tantra is all about healing sexual, emotional or physical trauma that we’ve experienced in our lives and that we carry into our adult relationships. There are many ways this trauma could emerge e.g. feeling ashamed or guilty or afraid to articulate what you really want sexually, losing sexual desire, lack of boundaries, focusing on others’ pleasure and not being able to receive or experience your own.


Through Tantra you will begin the process of healing your past trauma, connecting with your desires and harnessing your own sexual energy. This can lead to a deeper, more expansive and fulfilling sexual and emotional life.

How Does the Tantric Massage work?

All treatments begin with a process of talking, to create a mental state (or set) for healing. Before beginning the physical process (the massage) we enter into breath-work.

A full body Tantric massage follows, to begin  building energy throughout the body, drawing focus to the Lingam, continuing  through to the Lingam massage, the treatment ends as it begins, with the breath. The Lingam massage is the opportunity for both the conscious and sub-conscious mind to work through your intentions. 

Creating a safe space through intention and communication

In order to create an environment conducive for healing it is important to communicate clearly on intention. This means getting a deeper understanding around your hopes & desires, as well as your expectations session to session, and perhaps most importantly around your personal boundaries. Chatting over WhatsApp and/or over the phone prior to a first session is a must.

What is the difference between tantra and sensual massage?

While Tantra is the exploration of sexual energy within oneself, sensual massage provides a path to sharing that energy with others.

For a deeper dive on the sexual energy exchange, please explore my page on sensual massage for women.

What is Self-Healing?

Self-Healing is the path towards unconditional love. It is the idea that ultimately we as individuals have the power to change our own lives. Through the various treatments on offer, from talk therapy, Healing Touch, Sensual and Tantric Massage you will begin to learn to harness your internal power to heal. My role is to guide and support you on your journey.