At Sensual Select I offer a variety of holistic treatments including massage,  breath work and talk therapy to facilitate self-healing. How does it work?


First, we focus on finding relief from pain that shows up in our bodies (back ache, neck pain, tight jaws etc…) These are the physical manifestations of trauma stored in the body, brought to the surface by the anxieties of our day to day lives.


Then you will learn to identify the root causes of these stored traumas, creating an awareness and understanding that ultimately leads to more self-love and fulfilment.

Finally, the aim is to create a safe space for exploring your sensual needs and desires in whatever way you feel most comfortable.


My promise is to meet everyone where they are at. This means understanding  your context in shaping the treatment that best serves your growth & healing.


Unique offerings are available for Men, Women & Couples.

My doors are open to all


14 Sally's Alley, Illovo, Sandton, South Africa